Welcome to my blog

My name is Gilles Charbonneau

I am a long time 2d animator and I would like to share with you some of the tips and tricks I have learned over the years by posting tutorials and articles on this blog.


Update # 11

Hello again!

I have added several freebie videos to the store page.

I would appreciate comments on the voice I am using.

Let me know if it is annoying, maybe You guys would prefer an american voice or even female, or even, gulp, my own voice! :)

I am adding smaller size videos, but good ones nonetheless.

I will be adding more of those in the next few days!

Since the set is coming to completion, I will remove the pre-sale offer soon.

Again, i want to thank all of those who pre-ordered the set, as it made me confident that this type of product was needed.



  1. Excellent Gilles, getting excited to see it completed. I've said it before, that sexy british woman voice would be great!


  2. Hello jondo.

    Thanks for the comment.

    I must admit that she has a great voice, I am also getting better at handling those!

    Will use her voice for the next freebie, will be able to compare then!

  3. I think the voice is great. Is this actually a computer generated voice?
    The voice is firm and clear which makes it easy to listen to.
    No, there is nothing for me to add to this. I am fine with this voice. A sexy woman voice? Well, I'll be interested, but it possibly will distract me into some daydreaming state and I thought you mentioned not to even listen to music, so the work can get done. Ha.
    Thanks gilles. lookiong good so far.

  4. Yeah, computer voice, I have several of those, just needs a bit of getting used to! ;)

    I posted a sample of the sexy female voice some time ago, here it is.

  5. Holy cow, Gilles, I just looked at your video info. How long is it going to be?? You're covering a LOT of stuff. I have AS7 Pro. Will I be able to use all the info or will I be missing out if I don't have 8? Anyway, any idea when it will be finished? =)

  6. I am finalizing the voices at the moment, then I will do the final scene, which i am still writing, I want it to be epic! :)

    I am not done with all the videos, but it should be around 6-7 hours long.

    If all goes well it should be out by the end of the month.

    I will take down the pre-order offer soon if You are interested in buying the set!

  7. Hi Gilles
    I am interested in those great sounding voices. Where did you get those?
    I have bought some voices some years back, but they were pretty much a waste as they just dont have it after a few seconds.
    By the way, I saw your visitorsnumber is getting close to a memorable 10.000. That should be reason to lift a glass.
    Well done.

  8. Hello Dust. for the voices and the software is textaloud 3.

    These are rather expensive though and need a bit of getting used to for good results.

    Yes, near the 10000 mark, and I do block my own visits, so they are legit page views.

  9. I would prefer to hear your voice on the tutorials as you get a bit of personality.


  10. Hey Gilles, you've probably mentioned this somewhere, but is the pre-order less than if you order the video after it comes out? I'll probably do the instant download option, but I'm just curious. I'm getting it, period =)

  11. Hello Spectrx.

    Yes, as mentioned on the store page, pre-order is 19.95 for electronic download, while the regular price will be 39.95 after the pre-order offer is gone.

    Also, I will send a link for the Sally character to those who pre-order but I still have a few touches I want to make to her before I do so!

  12. Hey Gilles, well I just meant will the download price change after the pre-order offer is gone? I was thinking it might go up, but wasn't sure =)

  13. It will go to 39.95 after the pre-order is gone, and since I am in the finishing stage, the pre-order offer will expire soon! :)

    Many peoples don't mind waiting after the pre-order, as they want to hear what peoples say about the set before they order, more money for me! :)

  14. Oh sorry Gilles, you basically said that before in your previous response, but I thought you were talking about the DVD, not the electronic download. I was a little distracted. Sorry =). I better pre-order then!

  15. No problem man, I also get distracted from time to time! ;)

    And thanks for your support!

  16. I listened to the voice and it is fine, would prefer a Canadian - American accent though, the Brit computer voice did have trouble with the word "window". I listened to it twice.

  17. Yeah, there are words that the software has problem with, but I think I am getting better with it.

    Thing is, I am pretty much done with the videos and the voice overs now, I will not redo them all unless something major happens.

    Few things to take care of then I will start working on the final scene!

    But thanks for your input, much appreciated! :)