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Frame by frame animation - 2

Hello everyone.

Here is the first second of frame by frame animation done with the new workflow I am working on.

This is the 4Th pass at animating this first second, on each pass I try to better the workflow. This time I removed the bones, as they really serve no purpose in the workflow.

There are 12 frames, running on two's with interpolation set to steps.

I am liking this more and more and i will post a new video every time I do an extra second of animation.

So far I got time down to 20 minutes or less a frame, which is allot better then the 45 minutes or plus I had on the first pass.

I am also finding the right tools for the job, like Mike Kelly Swiss Army Tool, or Rudiger shape tool and of course Fazek Tools, which should be in every Anime Studio users tool-set.

Should be posting again soon!


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