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My name is Gilles Charbonneau

I am a long time 2d animator and I would like to share with you some of the tips and tricks I have learned over the years by posting tutorials and articles on this blog.


Frame by frame animation - 3

Okay, been a busy day!

I did another second of animation, here is the completed 2 seconds.

You can also download a high quality Quicktime here.

Again, this is not my character, this is Tiana from Disney the Princess and the Frog movie, only wanted a reference to see how close Anime Studio could come to this type of animation, see for yourself!

I got it down to around 20 minutes a frame, which is not bad considering the complexity and level of details.

I really like this type of workflow, great deal of flexibility and freedom, and even a Debut user could do it.

I need to work on planning though, too many control points slow things down allot, will have to plan better next time!

Also tested many scripts to see how they could improve on the workflow, so far I keep these.

Fazek tools (of course) and I replaced LM tools with them, thank you Fazek.

Mike Green Magnet tool, thank you Mike.

Rudiger select shape tool, most excellent, thank you so much Rudiger.

Last but not least, Mike Kelly Swiss army tool, also excellent tool set, thank you very much Mike from

I think I mentioned everyone! :)


  1. Hi Gilles
    Awesome. Wow.
    I am happy with your study also because I just got to read "Survival Kit for Animators" and it really cleared up a lot of questions and so forth. Yes it takes time, but I suppose a mix between Switchlayers, frame by frame animation and oc cassional bones would ultimately be a good thing. I will try it myself.

  2. Go ahead, it is actually fun stuff, and don't be shy if you any questions.

    I am planning a video set on FBF in AS and will start working on some more FBF scenes soon!

  3. Gilles this looks soooo good. Your blog really makes me think..and thats a good thing ;)


  4. Thanks Sven!

    Wait till you see my next scripting tutorial! :)