Welcome to my blog

My name is Gilles Charbonneau

I am a long time 2d animator and I would like to share with you some of the tips and tricks I have learned over the years by posting tutorials and articles on this blog.


Video tutorials

Hello everyone.

I have started to work on a video tutorial set, I have laid down the main features and I would like input on what peoples would like to see in these tutorials.

The plan is to make a tutorial set that will teach cut-out character animation at TV production level, but keep in mind that this set will be for Anime Studio Debut as well as Pro, so features like smart bones or any other pro only features will not be covered in it.

Here is what I have in mind so far...

1. Intro

2. Rigging
   The tools
   The tricks
   Rigging a full character

3. Posing a character

4. Dialogue
   The tools
   The tricks
   Rigging a head
   Lip sync
   Facial expression

5. Head turn
   Head turn with dialogue

6. Walk cycle

7. Run cycle

8. Animating a full scene

Exercise files


  1. Hi Gilles
    Is this the same series you were working on before you got sick? It all looks great to me.
    Hope you are well. Cant wait to see your tutorials.

    1. Hello Dust!

      No, a new one, for 9.5, it will be better, since my head is allot clearer, working on the files at the moment, not too shabby so far if I may say so! :)

      I am doing fine here, just taking it slowly, a day at a time!

      And How are You?

    2. I am very well thanks for asking. My wife and I are keeping you in our thoughts.
      I lack the funds right now for Pro 9.5. I still use Pro 8. Can I follow the tutorials you think, or will I just have to wait until a bit later?

    3. You should be able to follow as it is designed to work with Debut as well as pro.

      I showed 9.5 Debut to a friend of mine, she's a pro flash animator, and she was very impressed with the power of the 49 dollars AS Debut, saying that there is nothing flash can do that Debut cant!

  2. Ha, good news. I know Debut is cheaper, but if I see the enormous difference between Pro and Debut I would be better off waiting for a good deal on Smith Micro. I had bought Pro 7 at the time and then bought Debut 8, but soon had to upgrade to Pro8 anyway.
    I imagine Pro 8 must be still a lot better then Debut 9.
    In the end I got to get my hands on those wonderful smart bones. Ha. Debut doesn't have those.
    Anyway thanks for your comments. It's inspiring to work on Anime studio.
    Kind regards