Welcome to my blog

My name is Gilles Charbonneau

I am a long time 2d animator and I would like to share with you some of the tips and tricks I have learned over the years by posting tutorials and articles on this blog.


Update #2

Hello everyone.

My set of video tutorials are well on the way and should be available in October.

In the mean time you can pre-order them from the My Store page at the top with a substantial price drop over regular price.

You can choose from either digital download or regular mail. I have not included express mail as it cost way too much compared to the price of the video set, but if you still want it the express way, just let me know and I will send it to you by express mail for an extra fee.

I will post images from the tutorials as they come along.

If you feel that the tutorial listing is missing something, don't be shy and post your suggestions here!

Many thanks for your support.



  1. Hi Gilles.
    Have a good day. I just got done paying for your tutorials (prepaid) so you should see this on your account information. Thank you for your work. it's certainly worth it. (The payment obviously wont state: Dust,as that is only my nickname, but you see some clear info from the Netherlands, which is me.
    Many greetings and thanks again.

  2. Hello Dust.

    Yes, I did receive your payment and I appreciate your support, as I do appreciate the support of all the others, just did not have time to reply to them all, but I will. :)



  3. Btw, if You have any last minute suggestions now is the time, as I will lock the features as I go on making the videos.

    I will be posting images at the bottom of the store page very soon!

  4. OK, I have tried to sort of make my own patch layers, as was suggested on the forum. I did come up with a solution that was fairly OK, but I must say, a rather strange construction with lots of extra bones and so forth.
    I would like it if you can give some more insight in very smooth and easy movements of the limbs, as I usually spend a long time tweeking. In the end the results are somewhat allright, but if I can save some time here it would certainly help. I do not have the money for Anime Pro 8 at the moment, which could solve that problem. However don't break your head over it, and feel you need to create a whole new tutorial on this. I survive and manage, but since you asked, I thought to mention it.

  5. Great idea, I will include it in the rigging part of the tutorials.

    Thanks Mate! :)

  6. If we ask for a disk in the mail can we also download over the Internet? Especially if you make additional updates later it would be nice to see those too :-)

  7. Hello, heu, Anonymous! :)

    Yes, I am building a database right now, so I can send bulk emails to users for updates and addendum.

    Anyone who orders a physical copy will have a download link as well, as I understand the need to get a physical copy.

    I always try to get a physical copy!

  8. Hi Gilles,

    I just signed up for the electronic download.

    I'm new to Animating. I just went through the Anime Studio Pro v7 manual and written tutorials. They are ok, but I found them lacking in how to actually draw and breathe life into animation. Looking at the outline that you drew up looks like your tutorial will fill in the gaps in my knowledge. I'm excited!

    I want to use Anime Studio to create "demo videos". Those cute videos drawn with stick figures to describe a product or service in 1 minute or less.

  9. Hello Aaron, and thanks for pre-ordering my video set!

    And you are right, Anime Studio is perfect for what you want to do, and my set will teach you what you need and more.

    Just come back from time to time as I will post images and comments often to show how the set is coming along.

    And as I sated before, the book is not closed, if anyone has suggestions on how to make the set better, please come forward.


  10. There seems to be a number of different methods for creating characters. For example - some people build the eyes and face on a single layer using the in-layer shape ordering. Others use several discrete layers to create the same thing.

    Some methods seem better when controlled by bone scripts and others better for different styles of characters. The use of Morph dials also seems to favour some methods over others.

    Will you be doing any kind of survey of these different methods - or will you be choosing and explaining a single main method for character creation and rigging ?

  11. Hello mark.

    This set will focus mostly on character animation using the tools already available in Anime Studio, with the exception of a few scripts.

    It will not cover the design and rigging of different type of characters, as this would make for a much too big tutorial set.

    I will probably tackle character development in an upcoming tutorial, but this is a huge subject on its own!

    Amigaman created a very good PDF on character creation, You can find it here.