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I am a long time 2d animator and I would like to share with you some of the tips and tricks I have learned over the years by posting tutorials and articles on this blog.


Masking basics in Anime Studio

Hello everyone.

Here is a first video tutorial on the basics of masking in Anime Studio.

I would appreciate comments and suggestions to improve on the process of making tutorials.

You can find the files for the tutorial masking



  1. Dear Gilles.

    Thank you for a great tutorial on masking, which is without doubt one of the most complex procedures in Anime Studio.
    Your explanation is very clear. Please provide more masking tutorials. Thank you. Paul.

  2. Hi Gilles,

    Your voice is clear and easy to understand and the tutorial very well thought out. It looks like it would have taken quite a long time to produce. Thanks for your hard work.


  3. Excellent. Very good. Thanks for your hard work.
    A real jewel.

  4. Hey Gilles!
    Good tutorial. Masking in Anime studio can't be explained too many times, I think.
    And in the competition between man and machine I vote for ... wait for it...! The HUMAN voice! You english is clear and understandable, even for a finn like me. :-)

  5. Dale, thanks for the praises and yes they are time consuming, but I am getting faster as I go!

    Thanks Dust.

    Hans, glad you like it, because the next one is about FK and IK and your script, might as well be understandable! :)