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My name is Gilles Charbonneau

I am a long time 2d animator and I would like to share with you some of the tips and tricks I have learned over the years by posting tutorials and articles on this blog.


Update #20

Hello everyone!

Sorry if I have not posted often lately, but I had allot on my plate these past few months!

OK, after tinkering for quite a while, I have finally made up my mind on the type of video tutorial set I want to produce!

It was not easy, as I wanted to produce something unique, I wanted to stay away from the ordinary stuff We usually see, so I came up with a formula that I like, allot!

First of all, I will produce a high quality 2 minutes animated short, the kind that You show off at festivals!

Then I will make a complete how to, showing the whole process of creating an animated short in Anime Studio, including tips on...

Making 3D backgrounds for 2D animation.
Scene composition.
Character design and rigging.
And the full process of animatin 2d characters in a manner that is really close to hand drawn animation.
Anime Studio is that good!

The set will of course have the full set of production files, including the 3D background files for Blender 3D, and the full Anime Studio file set as well!

I think I choose the best method of teaching 2D animation, a method that will allow the users to produce anything from personal, small projects, to TV production, to full blown cinema quality animation!

I haven't been that thrilled in quite a while, it brings me ton of energy, which for me is a welcome change these days!

I would like your comments and ideas on that project, as I want it to reflects what peoples really want in a video tutorial set.

Here are some of the background 3D models I made today, they have no textures, but the first tests I did rendering them in Blender 3D and Freestyle, shows really good looking, and very painterly cartoon look, I hope You'll like them!



  1. I'm excited! This will help me a lot!

  2. Looking forward to this tutorial. It's been a long wait.

    1. Sorry for the long delays, but I had to go through some more ordeals here, back working on it!

  3. Hope your doing better now sir. Really looking forward to the tutorial.