Welcome to my blog

My name is Gilles Charbonneau

I am a long time 2d animator and I would like to share with you some of the tips and tricks I have learned over the years by posting tutorials and articles on this blog.


Update #8

The month of October is almost over, and it is now obvious that with all the new chapters that we're added that the set will not be ready by the end of the month.

I received over 80 suggestions for the set, which is very cool, many thanks to those who contributed.

Some of the suggestions are a little weird I must admit, some are very cool and several will find their way in the final listing.

I will go through all of these tomorrow morning and put up a final content listing.

It was suggested that I could send the set in several packages, or zip files, but it is not everyone's wish, so I just may offer it to those who pre-order and let everyone decide what is best for them!

I will not decide on a new release date for now, as I have not compiled all the new stuff yet, but I am definitely certain it will be during the month of November, well before the holidays.

I am pretty much done with the sally character, so I will send her as soon as the more pressing matters are dealt with.

Here is a turnaround of Sally.


  1. Thanks Gilles.
    I am in no hurry as I am busy as it is, so don't overdo and get yourself all stressed out because of us, your customers. Animation takes a long long time, but is sure worth it.
    Nice turn around. well done.
    On another subject, I bought the other day a set of software products that you may know, but it was an excellent deal and I must say I am quite impressed with some of the programs such as Dogwaffle and Twisted Brush. I am now using Dogwaffle's particles as backgrounds and it is superb. You probably already know all these programs, but in case you don't here is their Site:
    It is a window platform but I use it on my second computer as I am using Mac for anime.

  2. Hello Dust

    I have never heard of Twisted Brush, but I have seen Dogwaffle in action, was fun to see!

    I own Adobe Creative suit here and I try not to stray from it too much in fear of getting caught in other software, not much time to learn other tools really, but thanks for the link! ;)

  3. Ha, with Adobe Creative there is no need to go to too many other places.
    I know what you mean about getting caught in other Software. I am just about set up for the next X many years or so and want to properly learn what I already have.

  4. Great looking Turnaround Gilles! Take your time with the tutorials.

    Dust, Twisted Brush is superb and so is Dogwaffle. I use both, well Dogwaffle Howler which is the latest release. It's the closest thing I've found to DPaint on the Amiga.

  5. Thanks Dale.

    I do miss the Amiga, was a cool computer.